Job Opportunities:

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. Below are the currently available positions:

  1. Recruitment Specialist:
    • Job Description: Seek and select suitable candidates, participate in the interview process, and ensure a smooth recruitment process.
    • Requirements: Recruitment experience, excellent communication skills.
  2. Customer Support Representative:
    • Job Description: Assist customers via phone, email, and other communication channels, resolve inquiries, and provide information on products and services.
    • Requirements: Excellent communication skills, product and service knowledge.
  3. Technical Support Staff:
    • Job Description: Provide technical assistance to customers, assist with product installations, and troubleshoot technical issues.
    • Requirements: In-depth technical knowledge, problem-solving skills.
  4. Online Marketing Specialist:
    • Job Description: Develop and implement online marketing strategies, manage content on social media platforms.
    • Requirements: Online marketing experience, proficient understanding of social media platforms.
  5. Maintenance and Repair Technician:
    • Job Description: Perform maintenance and repairs on products as per customer requests, maintain safety standards.
    • Requirements: Product repair and maintenance skills.

If you are interested and meet the requirements, please send your resume and cover letter to the email address: [].

We look forward to collaborating with capable and enthusiastic candidates. Thank you!