Warranty Policy:

  1. Warranty Period:
    • Each product is covered by a specific warranty period, detailed on the purchase invoice or our website.
  2. Warranty Conditions:
    • Warranty applies when the product has technical defects originating from the manufacturing process or the quality of raw materials.
    • Warranty does not cover issues arising from improper use, damage due to accidents, or interference by third parties.
  3. Warranty Request Procedure:
    • Customers need to contact customer service for guidance on the warranty process.
    • In some cases, customers may be required to provide the purchase invoice or the product’s serial number.
  4. Repair or Replacement Method:
    • In cases requiring repair or replacement, we commit to executing the process quickly and efficiently to minimize any inconvenience to the customer.
  5. Warranty Costs:
    • If the product is within the warranty period, and the issue is not due to user error, we assume responsibility for repair or replacement costs.
  6. Warranty on Replaced or Repaired Products:
    • For products that have undergone replacement or repair, we provide a new warranty period or continue to apply the remaining warranty period.
  7. Warranty Limitations:
    • Warranty cases may be subject to limitations as defined by the manufacturer or specified in our policy.

We are committed to ensuring customer rights through our warranty policy, and we strive to provide the best shopping experience for our customers.